Welcome to centre islamique Badr

The Islamic center

To provide religious, educational and social services to members of the Muslim community and to anyone who wishes to learn about Islam


Our services

The mosque is more than a place of worship for daily prayers and Friday prayers, it also serves as a place for social gatherings and exchanges and offers services for the community and as a social and educational institution.

The mosque is accompanied by a Koranic school, a library, a conference center and a party hall to celebrate religious holidays, weddings and Akika, etc.

Rules of conduct

The mosque in Islam has its own rules of conduct that must be respected, especially by avoiding any disturbance to the worshipers. For this, we ask you to take note of the following instructions :

  • It would be appreciated if you would dress appropriately for the places of worship. In this regard, clothes and scarves are available for our visitors to enter the prayer rooms.
  • It is essential to remove shoes before entering the prayer rooms.
  • It is preferable to speak in a low voice and to avoid vulgar language.

Koranic school

Memorizing the Quran is the challenge that Allah has set for us, together we try to meet it. Memorizing the Quran in a class setting allows us to benefit from the group energy.

This is why we offer several programs. All classes are taught in French and Arabic by qualified and experienced teachers.

Our program :

– Matter of the noble Qur’an.
– Subject of the basis of religion.
– Subject of Al Hadith.
– Subject of invocation in the life of the Muslim.
– Subject of the history of revelation.
– The basics of the Arabic language (so that the child can read the Quran)

Supporting our community

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, “God helps His worshipper as long as the worshipper helps his brother.” (Reported by Muslim); “The believer is to the believer like the building with one part supporting the other” (Reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslim).
With your donations, you can relieve families in distress and we preserve the lives and dignity of the most needy to give them hope.
Thanks to your donations, we ensure the community activities of Iftar Saîm, we act as intermediary for the collection and distribution of Zakat or donation.

Thanks to your donations of Islamic Waqf- الوقف الإسلامي, we ensure to expand the prayer area of the mosque and
continuously develop our services for the community.